Here comes winter

Preparation for the season’s

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If you have ever lived in the country, small town, or rural community you will understand what a huge lifestyle difference it is compared to living in a city. As I was driving through the city of Las Vegas that is slowly transitioning into fall, I realized my hometown in Montana has been in fall since late August most likely. People in the north are starting to think about sweaters and pumpkin pie spice lattes while here in the south we are still in the 100’s thinking of swimming pools and air conditioning. I realize that this may not indicate the difference between city and country but it got me thinking about Montana and how different life was up there.


In the country you start thinking about winter in July. If you have a wood burning stfire-woodove you need to start gathering firewood in the summer. Many people have gardens and so the summer and early fall are all about harvesting and preserving your hard work. In Montana, the gardens often served the purpose of stocking the pantry for the winter. Getting to a grocery store is not always that easy so you need to be stocked up. The winters in the north can be harsh which means icy roads and extreme temperatures in the wake of a break down.


Living in a city almost anything you desire is at your fingertips. Fun, food, and philandering are all readily available in sin city. Now, don’t get me wrong, people in the cities have gardens and wood burning stoves, it just may not be a matter of survival like in the country.


Another major difference of city living is the availability of public transportation. You could live in the city and survive without a vehicle. You can ride the bus, take a cab or the train, and uber is prevalent. If you live in the country a mode of transportation is a must, whether it is a truck, motorcycle, or horseback it is long distances between destinations. For instance, it was around 70 miles just to go to the doctor and a major retail store.
Whether it is city or country you prefer, I recommend trying out both if you ever get the chance. I have experience both, albeit, 37 years of country and 3 years of city, I am grateful for both experiences. Either choices has such amazing and different things to offer you can see why people that live in the city have a country home and vice versa.